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Website Management

Websites are the identities or the face of the website holder in today’s world. Especially when it comes to business organization the target audience judges the company on how its website appears and functions. If it is left uncared and dull, people judge it as the careless attitude of the business towards its target customers.

We at KSSNK provide website management services so we bring you at par with your competition and excel in the respective industry.

The website management is a wide subject that entails multiple services of managing content, technical adaptability of website, optimization of pages, graphics & designs and lot more. We keep tap over the latest trends in website designing and development, we monitor the performance of your website and aware you of any mishap to occur or slow responding web pages.

Our Website Management Services

Page Optimization

We at KSSNK put thrust upon the basics of a website that is the webpage optimization. It is crucial that the pages are optimized with the website and different digital formats and devices. There are many cases when people complaint of buffering in web pages which disappoint them and leads to switching to another website. We ensure that text, pictures, graphics, videos on the website are responsive and are smooth in functioning.

SEO Services

SEO services are vital to any website for its visibility over the browser. We enable our clients’ website to get highlighted and visible using different SEO techniques, local SEO techniques that improve the search ranking and drive adequate online traffic to their website. We also use other techniques like backlinking to get traffic on the website through other means or using partner website.

Web Server Support

We at KSSNK take the charge of the administrative work of website management allowing the client to focus on their business and other core functions. We regularly check the web server support and ensure it is working efficiently. We regularly check the log files and keep updated of the server support functions. We do not wait for any mishap to occur that can delay the other functions.

Website Monitoring

We monitor website functions and check if any feature needs upgradation. We also keep tap on competition websites so that we can alert you to get latest features and designs to be the best in the race. Our engineers keep tap over any potential of mishap or failure of server or other system. With this awareness we curb the problem before it arise. We also check which pages are getting low response and need correction.

Security of Website

Website security is most important above any feature as it contains vital information of your business and institution. It is not only about the website security but also espouse the security of your customers who might have shared vital information regarding their bank account details, passwords of email-ids, and other personal information. We ensure that your website is shielded with latest security cover and you get and give a secured website experience.

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