Ecommerce Development

Why need of Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce is an interesting model for those who have a business and also enjoy the advantages of working online.

What is an ecommerce?

The word ecommerce is an abbreviation of electronic commerce that basically designates the commerce that is done online.

This type of business has gained strength in recent years, when consumers realized that the Internet is a safe shopping environment.

It is important to highlight that every ecommerce is an online store, but not every online store is an ecommerce.

There are also other ecommerce models, for example the marketplace, about which we will talk more in the next section.

E-commerce or marketplace?

Unlike ecommerce, the marketplace works as a virtual showcase for different companies, since the available products do not belong to the same store, but only show on the same platform.

The marketplace makes the intermediation of the payment, but is not responsible for the guarantee or delivery of the product.

For many entrepreneurs this model works well, since you do not need to buy a domain and have other expenses that are part of the creation of an ecommerce. All you have to do is upload the products on the chosen platform and promote them.

Another advantage of selling in a marketplace is that you use the authority that the company already has in the market to attract buyers, which is much easier for people to find e-commerce.

A person who wants to buy some shoes or other clothing will have many more facilities to find the Spartoo site, when doing a search, than your store.

On the other hand, you have no autonomy to define how your product will be seen by buyers.

Therefore, the marketplace may be the best option for those who sell generic products, since they avoid competition and the work involved in creating their own domain, while ecommerce offers some advantages to those who have a niche product and they want to speak to a more segmented audience.

But, anyway, nothing prevents you from having a niche product and wanting to sell it in a market.

Your online trading model will depend on how much time and money you are willing to invest.

Types of ecommerce

There are several business models dedicated to those who wish to work making online sales, both for those who decide to do it through e-commerce and for those who choose to display their products in a marketplace .

Business to Business

The acronym B2B, from Business to Business, applies to companies that create electronic stores to sell products to other companies

Business to Consumer

The B2C is the model adopted by companies that make sales destined for the final consumer, which represents the majority of electronic stores. The ECOMMERCE Nike or Vans are examples of B2C ecommerce.

Consumer to consumer

And, finally, the C2C that includes the relationships between consumers, common in forums and markets.

Advantages of having an ecommerce

Here are some advantages of creating a virtual store for the sale of your products.

Time flexibility

As we said at the beginning of the text, ecommerce represents the perfect balance between having your own business and having more time available, since you can create your virtual store working comfortably in your home, avoiding the round trip to work, and all the pitfalls that are common for those who have a physical business.


When you create an ecommerce you have the freedom to decide the design that is more aligned with your product and the interests of your target audience, in addition to not needing to review commissions to third parties.

Low investment

The advantage of having an online business is that you don't have to think about the usual expenses of electricity, rent and salary of employees.

At the beginning you will only have to buy a domain and hire a hosting server. The good news is that both have very affordable annual plans and you will pay around US $ 30 to get started.

In addition, there are several templates ready for your store available on the Internet, which means that you will not have programming and design costs, as long as you choose the right tool, of course.

In the case of physical products, the more sales you want to make, the more you will have to invest to define an action. But if you decide to market digital products, that element can generate profits while it is available for access.  

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