We start from structuring information architecture and mapping out functionalities.


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The consultancies cover the entire process of evaluation, orientation and projection on the Web for companies that already have an active website, for those who do not currently have it and for those who are implementing it.

Our primary goal is to transmit our experience and knowledge that we have acquired in years as a leading company in Web Design and Development. In addition, to enhance the benefits for customers through all our business areas and link them with our strategic partners specialized in different business and commercial areas, with a high focus on the Internet.

There are many advantages that the online presence of their products and / or services brings to companies. The potential to attract and maintain customers by companies through what we know as WEB 2.0 and very little is being exploited.

We invite you to know all the possibilities that the implementation of a Professional Website and all the strategic marketing, advertising and sales campaigns that can be generated for companies and entrepreneurs brings.


Search engines like Google classify the pages of websites both for their technical characteristics, and for the text and other elements on the page. The goal is to provide users with the most relevant answers to the most popular research intentions. During the optimization phase, an SEO consultant can help you find the best structure for the architecture of your web project, and at the same time give you precise indications on how to optimize the code and which topics to deal with on the internal pages.


If you have a start up or a project already started in the ecommerce field, or a vertical website such as a thematic magazine or a web newspaper, Website Consulting can initially look for errors in the code, such as the presence of an excessive amount of JavaScript or CSS files which make it harder for Google bot to figure out which priority crawling paths are.

We have a team of professionals able to identify the areas of improvement of your online business and propose the best solution. We perform web audits and offer consulting services to improve the user experience of your website or ecommerce and help you sell more.

Web analytics is a fundamental element in the world of digital marketing. It is a perfect complement to our SEO and SEM services, mainly aimed at getting web visits and highly potential customers.

Web analysis has another purpose and is to understand the behaviour of those web visits. Through various methods and tools, we can analyze a large amount of data that helps us understand what is happening.

Data we can obtain when analyzing a website

  • Traffic sources and origin of visits
  • How many pages do you see
  • How long do they stay
  • What is the level of interactivity with our site?
  • When do they leave it?

Kssnk Technologies (Kssnk), studies and proposes the link building strategy, but also the editorial one based on the periodic drafting of articles for the internal blog, or on content marketing activities through the engagement of external interlocutors. In many cases we talk about off site SEO. All roads are evaluated according to the project to be placed on Google and tests are performed until the ones that work best are found.

Then there are the on page SEO techniques that concern the way of organizing content starting from text, such as SEO copywriting that takes care of the length, the topics and the internal links. The on page SEO also considers the calls to action and the balance between the other elements that make up the page such as images, videos and tables.

Kssnk Technologies (Kssnk), through our services of CONSULTANCY AND WEB CONSULTING, provides personalized guidance and professional training for companies and entrepreneurs.

At the time of the consultancy, the current situation of the client with respect to the Web is analyzed, it is oriented on the processes that must be carried out, the mind is opened on all the potential they have on the Internet and they are encouraged to fulfil their goals with the Exhibition of real success stories, you also have the opportunity to generate new general or specialized advice in the technical, usability, online marketing, commercial or graphic and Web design areas.

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Tim Brown Aora Company
Tim Brown
Aora Company
Can say about these guys only good words. After we build a website the customer's flow is quite stable and our SEO results growing.
Lucy Raymond Ive Logistic
Lucy Raymond
Ive Logistic
Worked with the company last 5 years and can rate the support on 5 stars as well as documentation.
Michael Vice Bowl Room
Michael Vice
Bowl Room
High-quality WordPress theme and the team who is behind the project had helped me a lot. 100% recommended.

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