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Know about the benefits of web management

Having a website or virtual store makes us consider the security of it since it is as if we have a business and do not close the door when we leave. In this case, professionals can solve this type of security and configuration problems of our accommodation so as not to have any intruder that can make us a problem in our websites or online virtual stores.

Once a web page has been published with a professional web design and with all its functionalities. We must not forget that you have to constantly invest time in our website or online store and the only way to do it is by carrying a web administration and management of our contents. Each title and description how to write interesting articles in our web theme and a distribution of all the news in social networks to advertise our best services, ideas or products.

Web maintenance and an administration is a fundamental job that our website is well positioned and our potential clients cannot contact us because the form does not work. The world of web design and the changes that are taking place in online marketing are so fast .If we are not attentive to them, we may be outdated and unattractive for our potential customers and for search engine robots.

A good web maintenance usually includes a number of monthly hours to ensure that our website is always in optimal operation and includes content writing, search engine positioning .The creation and maintenance of various social networks also include in web maintance .They are usually responsible for technical assistance and custom programming for various functions, part of graphic design and photo retouching such as web optimization.In the case of acquiring a web maintenance and content management services, those in charge of web security are responsible, as long as they have a web hosting that is of quality and speed, these problems can be tiny with proper maintenance.

A professional presence on the internet can help a small business to monetize your business in several ways. Simplifying a lot, it’s about:

  • Define your internet presence objectives (capture references, brand image, sell)
  • Create a website that provides useful information to your current and potential customers
  • Get well segmented traffic and quality visits to access your website
  • Get references, sales and feedback from your visitors interested in your products and services
  • Constantly analyze your visits, your competition, your market, technological changes, … and adapt

Do you want to have a presence on the internet but do not know very well how to start, or do not have time? We can comprehensively manage most of the fundamental aspects of your internet presence by web management. Get new leads and improve your sales.  

Hosting, domain name and email management

Domain Name Hosting

You have to select an appropriate domain name that will be your identity on the internet, register it and manage renewals. You need a reliable and stable physical location to store your website or e-commerce, as well as corporate mail. We hire the hosting for annual periods.

Creation of website and / or electronic commerce

They have to analyze their objectives of presence on the internet and choose the ideal creation tools. Your website and / or e-commerce design is created on a budget. This design is made so that your website and / or e-commerce adapts automatically to the correct display from users’ devices, (computer, smartphone, tablet). The initial contents are created, and if you wish, we will train you on how to update your information yourself.

Natural search engine optimization (SEO), quality traffic generation and content optimization

The contents of your website are created from the beginning taking into account the factors that help you achieve a good natural search engine optimization (SEO), for the concepts you have hired. By paying a monthly fee we adapt your website, analyzing your competition, improving natural positioning and working on social networks, until your website is well positioned and naturally maintained in Google, Bing search engines, Yahoo and others. We constantly improve your website as your company evolves, its competition, technology, consumer habits and market trends. This monthly fee does not include complete site redesigns

Digital marketing, social networks, Google AdWords campaigns

By paying a monthly fee we maintain and manage a professional presence in some social networks (Facebook, Twitter) that allow a constructive interaction with your visitors. You can create periodic or timely marketing campaigns with Google AdWords, (for example by launching products, offers, promotions). Campaign objectives, budget and follow-up are defined, taking corrective measures that may be necessary.

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