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Since the beginning of the mobile web, there have been different points of view about what mobile web design and development is should be. But the goal is always the same: that the web pages are usable and friendly for users of devices with small screens.

A study shows that more than 80% of users use mobile devices to surf the Internet with different screen sizes and resolutions. The problem of websites is because they are not designed for such small screens and much less RESPONSIVE (It is a web design technique that seeks the correct display of the same page on different devices).

 Some designers make designs depending on the screen, if the screen is large, it is designed for a minimum standard for large screens. But when the screen is smaller in that same design, the web does not adapt. It stops seeing itself correctly causing customers to lose interest and look for another provider.

The global trend tells that the cell phone is the most used device by users and its website must be viewed via mobile. When designing a website we care that your site meets the standards in order to achieve that closeness with users.

Accessing the Internet, whether smartphone or tablet, is already something that is why the need to make a web content that is seen correctly for all devices is necessary.

Websites include design and development parameters that can make it difficult for users to make decisions as simple as calling from their website or sending an email. That is why in mobile web designer provided basic solutions where websites can be viewed for different browsers and mobile phones without losing information or business opportunities.

In addition to generally using smaller screens than those of desktop computers, normally present other important differences, such as the absence of the mouse and the scroll bar .The use of mobile networks and in counterpart offer innovative features such as the presence of multitouch screens, geolocation systems. The possibility of making calls from a phone number that appears on a web page.

Less is more

There are several fundamental principles for mobile web design, but the most important is to keep things simple , which although it is a good practice for most websites, in the case of mobile phones it is crucial, since the display space is Limited, the click accuracy is lower and the diversity of screens, bandwidths and feature support are more uncertain.

Past and future of the mobile web

The first cell phones that could display web pages began to be marketed around 2006, using reduced versions of HTML such as HDML and WML. However the capacities were very limited and the connections very slow and expensive. In less than 5 years the mobile web browsing industry has developed in an impressive way and the market for small devices with Internet access is in a blast .

A website in mobile version is specially designed for devices of this type. The content and design adapt to the small size of the screen. Here the type of navigation and speed limitations are taken into account. A mobile version is different from the traditional web, since the mobile user requires a different experience from the desktop, since they are usually more interactive and visual.

Advantages of using mobile web:

Mobile version Optimum user experience: Here the site is created for mobile devices. It focuses entirely on the needs and priorities of the mobile user, provided that the content and functions are relevant to him.

Download speed: Your site will load faster, reducing the possibility of losing new customers for this.

Location: Mobile websites can detect the location of users and provide them with important information about the nearest stores or offices. They are also more likely to occupy higher positions in local searches.

Provide choice: Most sites with mobile version, also give the option to occupy the desktop version, so that you use the most convenient.

At the end of 2014, Google made the decision to start favouring in its search results sites that are mobile-friendly , that is, that can be read and used without difficulty, over those that do not, which adds Another compelling reason for all new websites to take a mobile-friendly approach . By mid-2015, the percentage of mobile users (smartphones and tablets) is no longer a minority, but a very similar percentage and in some cases higher than conventional computing (laptops and desktops).

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