Product Management

Benefit of having proper Product Management 

In an environment where there is high business competition and in which consumers have an immense offer of products and services at their disposal Product  Management  become an essential tool to optimize the production processes of companies and achieve Customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

It involves planning the operation and development of the company through standardized standards that avoid or minimize improvisation and allow the establishment of criteria aimed at correcting possible deviations or unforeseen events that may arise during production.

Objective of Product Management

The objective of product management is improving the quality of products and services.

  1. Improvement of customer satisfaction. Quality management systems allow the production process to be focused on both the needs of consumers and the parameters of the company, allowing the integration of customer demands into the final product or service, which will allow them to have access to better offer and be more satisfied.
  2. Homogenization of products or services. Thanks to the quality management system, the organization will not only achieve higher quality results, but also obtain a stable and uniform production, by applying standardized guidelines during the process.

Benefits of Product Management

Waste Reduction

When we talk about waste, we talk about all kinds of them. Resources, money, time, effort, all that is essential in a company and must be allocated intelligently.  If not, the product / service can be delivered, but not in the most effective way. This will cause customer dissatisfaction, loss of money and disorder.

With product management, processes are scanned and understood, making it easier to see obstacles and improvement points. We cannot fix what we do not understand, and product management brings the best tool to understand the company: process mapping.

Increased visibility and control

Product management works with tools that transform process automation into a reality.  All the previous steps, such as mapping, modelling, execution and optimization, result in processes that are so effective that they can spread automatically throughout the company.

Process automation tries to obtain the most optimized and efficient processes and make them automatic, reducing human contact and increasing transparency.

Once the processes are automated, they become available to the entire team. Everyone can see and understand the process, in addition to their role in it.  The administrator has access to all the information, can see the stage in which the process is and what each one is doing.

Cost reduction and greater profitability

If we reduce waste, we reduce costs. If we control the process further, making sure that it will not take any unnecessary steps or unwanted action, we increase the benefits. It is like that, simple.

The process of implementing product management  in your company may seem long and complex, but in fact, when all the equipment is on board and goals are set, the increase in productivity is a true benefit.

Compliance and Security

One of the advantages of product management is  that sometimes overlooked is the security it brings to your company. BPM tools give the manager and shareholders control over everything that happens in the process. It also helps companies document and implement internal policies and controls. There is no doubt that makes a company safer, more organized and reliable.

Improvement of communication

The most common complaints of employees involve lack of information, lack of security in what is expected of them and lack of communication between sectors.

With Product management, that changes radically, since all the information is easily accessible and updated by everyone. The functions are also defined and clear, making the work much easier and organized and the expectations controlled.

The benefits of product management may take a while to appear. The culture of the company must be changed to receive the product management methodology, and everyone must accept it.

Powerful and efficient software is essential for the results to be achieved. The software should be able to maps, models, executes, optimizes and automates all the processes of your company, which makes product management a tangible reality. With the control provided by this method, it is easy to measure the positive results!

Boosting the motivation of workers

Integrating employees into the analysis of the product management, to study the improvable aspects, will make them feel more involved with the objectives of the company. In addition, knowing at all times how they should carry out the work and what is expected of them, will allow them to achieve the expected results, increasing their satisfaction.

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